Christmas in the Community

Strawberries and Ice Cream

Christmas isn’t all about commercialism. That may seem like lip service, coming from a business basing itself on the holiday season, but to us, Christmas is about thoughtfulness and love. Christmas is about sharing laughs, creating memories with family and friends, and remembering those who cannot be there because of distance or death. It is about helping those who are less fortunate, be it through giving a $10 note to the busker who entertained you on your walk to work all year, giving gifts to the City Mission to distribute to children, helping out in a soup kitchen, or inviting a lonely neighbour over to share a meal.

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Candy Lane – Julia’s tree last year

Last Christmas marked the first year of my plan to have a different themed Christmas tree every year. At the beginning of December 2012 I was heavily pregnant with my first child. Having gone on maternity leave a month earlier, I used my free time to design and make some of the decorations for my tree. The original theme was “Baby’s First Christmas”, however, with my baby being a boy, and my obsession with pink, the tree morphed into a more gender-neutral “Candy Lane” tree.

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