DIY wreaths

It’s 9.10 on Saturday night and we’ve reached that point where we are so tired, everything is hilarious. Possibly not the best time to try writing a blog, definitely not the best time to try and make Christmas wreaths, but we did both anyway. The results on the wreaths have been surprisingly attractive.

Julia’s wreath is a taste of things to come in terms of this year’s Christmas tree. Her little boy will be turning one in December, and he is having a jungle themed Birthday party, so the wreath and  tree will be themed to match. Unfortunately one male friend looked at the beginnings of the wreath and asked “Are you having a cougar tree this year?” Not quite what we were going for, but we’re sure the party will provide some context!

To make the wreath we used a polystyrene ring from Spotlight and covered it with a length of black satin to act as a base colour. We then wound around some satin leopard print from Etsy, securing it with small gold beading pins also from Spotlight. Finally, we placed a leopard print tree decoration at the base to finish it off. Voila!

Fran’s tree this year will be a Woodland Creatures tree (watch this space) and the wreath is not exactly in line with that theme, but is similar enough, given that it will be a few metres and corners away.

Earlier this year Fran got married in Rarotonga with a small intimate gathering of close family and friends. A couple of months after the wedding they had a marriage blessing service at Fran’s family church, so that they could share their special occasion with the many friends and family who hadn’t been at the wedding. Fran’s godmother made beautiful flower arrangements for the church and gave Fran the ribbon and doves she had used, after the service, which gave Fran the idea for her Christmas wreath.

We used a plain fern wreath from Spotlight and, in addition to the doves and ribbon, we added some clusters of gold berries. It was easy to put together, will compliment her tree nicely, and is a wonderful reminder of the loving events she has had this year.