Candy Lane – Julia’s tree last year

Last Christmas marked the first year of my plan to have a different themed Christmas tree every year. At the beginning of December 2012 I was heavily pregnant with my first child. Having gone on maternity leave a month earlier, I used my free time to design and make some of the decorations for my tree. The original theme was “Baby’s First Christmas”, however, with my baby being a boy, and my obsession with pink, the tree morphed into a more gender-neutral “Candy Lane” tree.

One of the main decorations to inspire this shift was the soft stuffed hearts I made from pink cotton, printed with multi-colour candy canes.  I sewed them on my mother’s old sewing machine.  My mum had owned it as far back as I remember, so it must have been at least 33 years old – not exactly state of the art! As I finished the last heart, I heard a crackling noise and was horrified to see smoke wafting out of the top of the machine. I panicked and ran (sorry waddled) across the road in my dressing gown to where my neighbours the firefighters lived. No one was in, but thankfully by the time I returned home, the fire seemed to have extinguished itself. I rang neighbour fireman at work and asked what I should do.

 “Turn it off at the wall and put it outside” was his sage advice – Genius!

A couple minutes later, another very concerned neighbour poked her head around my gate asking if I was alright as she had seen my dishevelled duck-march across the road. I assured her I was fine, but she looked thoroughly unconvinced.   I was too afraid to turn the sewing machine back on so I sold it on Trademe for $1. Apparently the purchaser got it working again – it was a Christmas miracle!

 So, the finished tree was quite spectacular with its multi coloured decorations and white background and was up by the 1st of December. This was fortuitous as my son arrived a week early on the 11th. I was really pleased that we could have such a beautiful tree for his first Christmas.

To make the hearts, I used a simple heart shape pattern, stuffed them with polyester filler and finished them with a green ribbon to hang them.




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